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New Nikon D3400 bundle deals guide

The D3400 bundle is the most affordable Nikon bundle deal you can ever get and is also packed with tons of great feature.

Before buying a camera bundle

  • Check on the ton of item pack with it
  • Inspect on all the specification of the camera

These are the common features you need to check before taking any great deal. Don’t just buy and bundle that looks awesome to you.

Best Nikon D3400 bundles

The best Nikon D3400 should come with at least the following items:

The handset comes with a Nikon D3400 body, camera backpack, Lexar 16GB memory car and 18 – 55mm VR AF-P. The deal is good because you get a 16GB memory card and a backpack. The price of this Nikon camera is very affordable.

This camera comes with extra tons such as body cover, VR AF-P that is 18-55mm and extra ED VR AF-S 70 – 300mm, Sony memory card of 32GB, camera bag, and extra battery. The camera is good for sports and wildlife photography. The price of this camera is very affordable.
Lenses to look at;

Nikon D3400 bundle deal

When you are looking for a Nikon D3400 bundle deals, lenses are of great consideration. The zoom of this camera has a perfect range, and you can use them for a long time before changing. Lenses are responsible for image quality, and therefore, Nikon D3400 bundle have perfect lenses. They have lenses of 24 megapixels DX sensor.


The flashlight is important, especially when you are taking a picture in dark places or during the night. When choosing a Nikon D3400, you need to get one with a good flashlight.


Storage unit for the camera is very important as it determines the number of pictures you will take. A good Nikon D3400 has a camera with at least 16GB and 32GB and recommended brands are Lexar, Transcend, Sony and Sandisk.

Which Canon 80D bundle should you buy in 2019?

If you are looking to purchase a Canon 80D bundle then you need to be very keen so as to find the best deals. It can be very easy to find the best deals if you know how to go about it or if you have bought the same before. However, it can be a very difficult task if you are doing it for the first time. You will have to make some considerations if you have to find the best Canon 80D bundle deals.

Canon EOS 80D bundle

Below are some of the considerations you should make when purchasing your Canon EOS 80D bundle.

1. Cost.

When purchasing your Canon EOS 80D make sure that you have set your budget. You will find very many deals however not all will be suitable for you. Some will require you to incur more costs while others will be much affordable. First, consider the amount you have and go for the bundle deals that you can afford.

2. Know Your Needs.

There is nothing as important as knowing what your needs are. Different individuals have different needs and therefore understanding yours will make it easy to find the right Canon 80D accessories for your photography journey. Whether it’s landscape or travel photography, this step set you on the right path.

3. Do Your Research.

When looking for a camera bundle ensure that you do your research so as to locate the best price easily. Doing research will involve comparing all the available options and evaluating them to find the one that works best for you.

4. Consult From Others.

You can ask your friends to suggest you other ideas if they have previously bought any camera before at this price range. Perhaps they have some great websites to share with to help you save money and get  buy the Canon 80D with accessories at an affordable price.

Canon 80D website

The above are some few considerations to make when purchasing the Canon 80D bundle kit. For more Canon 80D related info visit

Getting to know your camera accessories

Every photographer owns a toolbox containing camera accessories which are heavily utilized for picture taking. When some picture-takers have a wide array of associates for all types of demand, others just buy what both feel remains a necessity to their photography.

Essential camera accessories

Camera bag and accessories

1. A Reliable Camera Bag

As quickly as you buy a camera, you will want to buy a camera bag, because you want to preserve your investment and carry it easily to locations. But selecting the right camera bag isn’t always easy. There are various bags out there, which makes it difficult to make the right decision. Most times, people buy portable camera bags only, to realize they need extra room for the camera & lenses.

2.  Extra Camera Battery

An extra battery is the indispensable accessory which will definitely come in handy, particularly when on the move. If you don’t already own an extra battery, you should try to purchase one on your next shopping. Another point to note is that batteries don’t last long when you shoot in cold temperatures, so remain prepared for a short battery experience if you’re shooting in freezing conditions.

3.  Camera LCD Protector

Although more DSLR cameras arrive with a plastic protector for this camera LCD, we still highly suggest protecting this LCD with a  regular screen protector accessory. Other times dust grows in between this LCD and this plastic screen protector and damages this LCD. A DSLR camera with the scratched LCD isn’t going to have a good resell value, so that is the initial thing one should perform to keep it free from scratches.

4. Padded Neck Strap for DSLR Cameras

The neck straps that come with DSLR cameras are so uncomfortable. When you carry some heavy camera and lens combo on your neck, a conventional camera strap could leave you with painful blisters after only a few minutes of wearing these cameras.

5. Lens Cleaning Camera Accessories

Dust & dirt in front of this lens element reduces lens contrast, resulting in cloudy looking images. Hence, you should always keep the lens front & back elements clear at all times. There are various brands to pick from & any of these optical resolutions should operate fine.